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A heritage residence at the foot of the Castle
Chora is a Byzantine, traditional settlement, protected by the Greek Ministry of Culture and the Authority for Byzantine Antiquities. It is the capital of Kythera, situated in the southern part of the island, just 2.5 km from the sea, overlooking Kapsali, the fishing village.

Chora’s Castle or "Fortezza" is the most characteristic monument on Kythera. It was built in the 13th century when Kythera was dominated by the Venetians. It is also called the "Eye of Crete" due to its strategic position allowing simultaneous observation of ships on three seas – the Ionian, Aegean and Cretan.

Kastropolis is at the heart of Chora, 50 meters along a pathway off the road that circumnavigates the village. The residence is adjacent to the historic church of St. Anna and very close to the Castle.

Kastropolisprovides a spacious, exclusive and private environment, centrally located and yet far from the high season crowds.

How our guests feel at Kastropolis: "In and Out”, "Here and There”
Get up in the morning, sip your Nespresso, consult Terrain’s great map of Kythera and negotiate the day’s beach destinations.

Alternatively, stroll along Chora in safety and quiet (cars are excluded from the village's centre), savouring the traditional architecture of archways, chapels and old houses with impressive chimney stacks. Discretely tucked away in the neighborhood there are also coffeehouses, souvenir shops and bars.

Young can safely walk around in Chora, play "hide and seek”, buy a "souvlaki, order a crepe or eat an ice cream.

Teenagers can claim their independence and organize their clubbing just around the corner. Don’t worry, nobody gets lost in Chora, no matter how hard he / she / they try.

Adults can enjoy a leisurely dinner at a local tavern or wile away their evening in Mercato, the bar around the corner. They have as many drinks as they wish since it is only 44 stairs back to Kastropolis.

Anything goes, with a completely free dress code, an open start and an open end.

Enjoy Kastropolis!