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Our Vision

When we purchased the property in the year 2003 we had no picture of the challenges associated with a renovation of an old property in a historical settlement (such as Chora), supervised by the Archeological Authority.

The renovation effort was stalled, for many different reasons, in the mid 2000s. The easy and conventional approach for the owner would have been to exit by selling out. However, we kept on with the project for two reasons: first, it was the compelling property's history and appeal; second and foremost, all these years we have been honored with the support of a handful of wonderful people. Among them are Manolis Charos, a contemporary Greek artist and activist, Mrs Eleni Charou and her brother Nikos Charos (nicknamed papa-donikos = the pastor's son), who are all devoted volunteers in preserving Chora's historical heritage. It must be mentioned that the invaluable notary archives of the 17th,18th and 19th centuries have been rescued and preserved largely due to their dedication.

This combination of history and people gave us the inspiration to just look beyond purely commercial considerations (in fact, there is no economic return in this project). So we invested time, effort and financial resources to complete the renovation with great respect to history and tradition.

Now we look beyond the commercial considerations of operating a guest house. Kastropolis has become more than just a property or a guest house; it is a living attitude, a creative idea and a commitment to convert our visions into actions.

Our next venture will be to offer a spectrum of services, from hosting private events such as workshops and seminars or baptizing and wedding ceremonies to organizing outdoor sports.

A team of passionate professionals, together with Kastropolis, looks into outdoor activities, from the simple ones such as walking or mountain biking in Kythera's wide variety of dirt roads and trails to the more sophisticated hiking and canyoning. Kythera has also the potential to become a major attraction for rock climbing. We have identified at least three interesting climbing areas, and the next step will be the development of these sectors and the opening of a good number of routes.

These are our challenges, to contribute to Kythera's development as a unique destination. We are passionate about offering one-of-a-kind experiences to our guests and introduce them to Kythera's endowed nature and culture.