Chora is a unique destination for a dream wedding or an unforgettable baptizing.

Kythera offers a number of churches to chose from, ranging from less-frequented romantic spots to well celebrated churches in Chora and Kapsali.

We recommend two historical churches in Chora, the first being the Estavromenos Church (44 stairs from Kastropolis) and the other Panagia Myrtidiotissa in the Castle. Estavromenos is Chora's metropolitan church, built in 1860. The church stands out for its rare icons and its wooden iconostasis. Panagia Myrtidiotissa is the top of the Castle, setting an indescribably beautiful scenery with a majestic panoramic view over Kythera's southern part, up to Crete.

We would be happy to arrange your wedding or organize your son's or daughter's baptizing in either church. Father Frumentios, a warm and beloved person, administers the sacraments in both churches.

Next year we aim to organize new ventures

Our venture for next year is to offer a spectrum of services, from hosting private events such as workshops and seminars to organizing outdoor sports.

A team of passionate professionals, together with Kastropolis, looks into outdoor activities, from the simple ones such as walking or mountain biking in Kythera's wide variety of short and long trails to the more sophisticated hiking and canyoning.

Kythera has also the potential to become a major attraction for rock climbing. We have identified at least three interesting climbing areas, and the next step will be the development of these sectors and the opening of a good number of routes.